Quantum computing

Ranked #1 on the list Top 10 Promising Nanotechnologies

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About Quantum computing

  • Field: Nanoelectronics
  • Availability: Near future/distant future

Thought your Ivy Bridge-based processor is fast? Think again. The future of computing lies with quantum computing, a computer system that uses so-called qbits (quantum bits) instead of regular bits as we are used to. Whereas we are used to have data (binary ones and zeroes) represented as transistors turned on and off, the qbits are represented with an atom’s spin (spin of a particle, atom or molecule is a quantum effect, and is essentially given as either up or down). By applying magnetic fields, one can change this spin from one to another. See the similarity? This however, is A LOT faster than our conventional way of storing data, and has the potential to make your shiny new MacBook Pro resemble an abacus of the olden days.

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