PRR 3750

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PRR 3750 is one of the two preserved class K4s Pacifics steam locomotive of the Pennsylvania Railroad. Just like PRR 1361 the 3750 was used to haul the PRR's main line intercity passenger trains such as The Broadway Limited. Despite the attempt by PRR management to replace the K4s with the PRR K5 and PRR T1, the K4s would remain in action until dieselization in 1957. The 3750 was spared from being scrapped because, when the PRR was considering steam engines for preservation, the first K4, #1737, was in very bad condition and only a complete rebuild would save her. The PRR decided to scrap the 1737 and repaint #3750 as #1737. As of 2010 the 3750 sits on static display at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania in Strasburg.

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