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Pretty Cure (プリキュア, Purikyua, also known as PreCure and PC) is a Japanese magical girl anime metaseries created by Izumi Todo and produced by Asahi Broadcasting Corporation and Toei Animation. Beginning in 2004 with Futari wa Pretty Cure, the franchise has seen many anime series, as well as spawning movies, manga and video games. Its most recent iteration, Smile PreCure!, began airing in 2012 as part of TV Asahi's Sunday morning children's television block, following Super Hero Time. The franchise has made a total of 425 episodes to date, and every series has been adapted into a manga version by Futago Kamikita. There are currently nine anime television series in the franchise, two of which are direct sequels to their previous series. Each series of Pretty Cure has its own story and motifs: Each Pretty Cure series spans at least one movie per season as a side story. Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart holds the record of having two movies in one season and Pretty Cure All Stars DX celebrates the series's 5th anniversary. So far, 12 movies have been produced, with eight based on the individual series and four Pretty Cure All Stars movies, with crossover characters from all the series to

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