PLT Scheme

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About PLT Scheme

  • Language Paradigms: Functional programming
  • Influenced: Scheme
  • Influenced By: Scheme

Racket (formerly named PLT Scheme) is a general purpose, multi-paradigm programming language in the Lisp/Scheme family. One of its design goals is to serve as a platform for language creation, design, and implementation. The language is used in a variety of contexts such as scripting, general-purpose programming, computer science education, and research. The platform provides an implementation of the Racket language (including a sophisticated run-time system, various libraries, JIT compiler, and more) along with a development environment called DrRacket (formerly named DrScheme) written in Racket itself. The IDE and an accompanying programming curriculum is used in the ProgramByDesign outreach program, an attempt to turn computing and programming into "an indispensable part of the liberal arts curriculum". The core language is known for its extensive macro system which enables the creation of embedded and domain-specific languages, language constructs such as classes or modules, and separate dialects of Racket with different semantics. The platform distribution is free and open source software distributed under the LGPL license. Extensions and packages written by the community are

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