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About People's Choice Party

The People's Choice Party or PCP is a New Zealand political party. The People's Choice Party was conceived in 1997 when Doug Wilson began a protest walk from New Plymouth to Wellington collecting 52,000 signatures for a petition calling for the then Governor-General Sir Michael Hardie Boys to impose a snap election. It was a historical event in that it was the first ever people's petition to have been presented to a Governor-General in New Zealand. The People's Choice Party was officially registered on 14 May 1999 after declaring 1172 financial members. The party was de-registered after Doug Wilson's retirement in 2002. It remained and stayed active as a Ginger Group and supported Rusty Kane as an Independent on national and local issues. These included the Waitara Leaseholders Associations (WLA) fight with the NPDC and Māori to freehold Waitara land and his activities with CEPRA (Chemically Exposed Paritutu Association) fight with the Government Ministers and the TDHB to have New Plymouth's Paritutu residents and workers be recognised for being chemically exposed from living and working in or near the old Ivon Watkins Dow Chemical Plant now (Dow Agro) at Paritutu, and his

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