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The Ōsumi Islands (大隅諸島, Ōsumi Shotō) or the Ōsumi Archipelago is an archipelago in the northern part of the Satsunan Islands, northwestern part of the Pacific Ocean and belongs to Japan. The Ōsumi Islands are the northernmost group of the Satsunan Islands, which are part of the Ryukyu Archipelago, and lie south of the Osumi Peninsula about 60 km from Kyūshū. The coordinates are The islands are of volcanic origin and have a total area of approximately 1,030 km. (approximately 397 square miles) The climate is subtropical. The highest elevation is mount Miyanoura-dake of about 1,935 meters (about 6348 feet) on Yakushima island. The archipelago consists of the 3 major islands and a number of smaller islets the largest being Additionally, these 3 islands are sometimes included too. Municipalities include: The population is about 50,000 people with about 19,000 living in the City of Nishinoomote located on the northwest coast of Tanegashima. The island group is part of the Kagoshima Prefecture. The islands are served by New Tanegashima Airport and Yakushima Airport. There are regular connections with Kagoshima and the Amami Islands by ferries. It is uncertain when the islands were

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