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About One New Zealand Party

The One New Zealand Party was a small political party in New Zealand. It was partly modeled on the Australian One Nation Party, founded by Pauline Hanson. Its primary focus was on matters such as the Treaty of Waitangi, but its wider platform was broadly paleoconservative or producerist. It strongly opposed the policies of the government at the time, accusing it of giving special privileges to Māori and of undermining the concept of "one law for all". It claims that the policies amount to a form of apartheid. People involved with the party included Richard Fisher, John Porter, and Alan McCulloch, a former mayor of East Coast Bays. One New Zealand was founded in 1999, and in the 1999 elections, it won 0.06% of the vote. In the 2002 elections, it won 0.09% of the vote. In the 2005 elections, it won 0.02% of the vote. In 2006, the party went into recess pending a decision as to whether the party would continue. In September, it was deregistered at its own request.

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