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  • Games Published: Delta Force: Urban Warfare
  • Game Versions Published: Delta Force: Urban Warfare

NovaLogic is a software developer and publisher established in 1985 and based in Calabasas, California. The company was founded by current CEO John A. Garcia. Garcia's background in computer software started in Southern California in the early 1980s, when he worked at DataSoft. The company has grown from a small arcade conversions developer to a publisher of its own popular game titles. The company has always been privately owned. However, Electronic Arts is a minority shareholder. Originally, NovaLogic worked on new versions of previously published games, such as the 1987 PC port of Bubble Bobble. The cancelled Philips CD-i sequel to Super Mario World, Super Mario's Wacky Worlds, was in development by NovaLogic. In 1994, NovaLogic set up their European office in London, England. This office has subsequently been closed down. Three years later, NovaLogic first launched their free online matchmaking service, NovaWorld. This service allows for large online battles and stat tracking. After publishing several successful military-themed games, the company started NovaLogic Systems, Inc. (NLS) in 1999, which made training simulations for the US Army. The company's 2004 launch of Joint

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