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About Nitro

  • Tags: opensource, offline, dropbox, ubuntuone
  • Platforms: chrome

Nitro makes tasks management super easy and awesome. It's super fast, simple and offline and can be used without an internet connection. Nitro also packs Dropbox and Ubuntu one sync. Nitro has a bunch of awesome features including: - Dropbox and Ubuntu One Sync - Magic Sort - Smart Lists - Search - Themes - Translations - Retina Support - Keyboard Shortcuts and more! Nitro is also free open source software. Nitro is the best way to organize with its speed, simplicity and power. With innovative features such as smart lists and magic sort, you can keep your life organized and focus on what needs doing. It's also totally free. Using Nitro is easy. Simply add a task and get going. Keep your tasks with you -------------------------------- Nitro can sync with Dropbox or Ubuntu One. You can easily access your tasks from any computer and you'll never get a conflicted copy. Nitro also creates a todo.txt file so you can see or embed your tasks in plain text. Nitro is available for a variety of platforms. We're working on mobile versions and they'll be available in the future!

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