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  • Built by: English Electric

The Northern Ireland Railways DH class was a class of three diesel-hydraulic shunting locomotives obtained in 1969. All three have now been withdrawn, and two have since been rebuilt for work in Sri Lanka. The DH class of Northern Ireland Railways consisted of three diesel-hydraulic shunting locomotives numbered 1, 2 & 3. They were built by the English Electric Company, works numbers 3954 - 6 (although the Irish Traction Group lists them as D1266-D1268), at their Vulcan Foundry works in Newton-le-Willows in 1969. They were of 0-6-0 wheel arrangement and fitted with Dorman 12QTV engines of 620hp, connected to a EE twin-disc torque converter and a Wiseman final drive. They weighed 42.5 tonnes and had a maximum speed of 49km/h (29mph). The locomotives were of EE's standard 'Stephenson' class, and were obtained primarily for shunting work, trip freights and engineer's trains. Locomotive No. 1 was the first to enter service on 31 July 1969, with No. 2 following on 27 September and No. 3 on 4 October. However, the locomotives were not particularly successful due to problems with the engines overheating regularly while in service. All three were put into store during the late 1980s, the

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