Nga Iwi Morehu Movement

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About Nga Iwi Morehu Movement

The Nga Iwi Morehu Movement is a New Zealand political party based around Māori. Its name literally translates as "the surviving people" or "the remnant people". It contested the 1996 election as an unregistered party, running a single candidate and gaining 194 votes. It ran two candidates in the 2002 election, winning 522 votes. In the 1999 election, members of Nga Iwi Morehu stood under the banner of the Freedom Movement. In September 2011 it applied to register its logo with the Electoral Commission. The application was declined on the grounds that, in the opinion of the Electoral Commission, the logo could mislead voters into believing that the party was backed by the Ratana Church. The party is standing two electorate candidates in the 2011 election under the label "Nga Iwi" — Te Ariki Karamaene in Hauraki-Waikato and Jennifer Waitai-Rapana in Te Tai Hauāuru.

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