New Zealand National Front

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About New Zealand National Front

The New Zealand National Front is a small white nationalist political party in New Zealand. Mirroring developments in the UK, a group called the National Front evolved out of the New Zealand branch of the League of Empire Loyalists in 1967. It was led by Brian Thompson; another notable member was Roger Clare who would later become an activist with the League of St George. It published a magazine called Counter-attack. The group dissolved by the beginning of the 1970s, with Thompson remaining an overseas supporter of the UK National Front. The National Front of New Zealand, commonly known as the "New Zealand National Front" (NZNF) was an initiative of John Tyndall of the British National Front formed in 1977; sister organisations were also formed in Australia and South Africa at the same time. The party's first Chairman was David Crawford aided by Brian Thompson, with Kerry Bolton joining in 1978. It distributed "large numbers of Holocaust denial pamphlets and books". Thompson represented the NZNF at the march in Lewisham in 1977. The NZNF encouraged its activists to infiltrate mainstream parties such as the National Party. The organisation became moribund during the early 1980s,

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