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About New Zealand First

New Zealand First is a political party in New Zealand. It was founded in 1993, following the resignation of its leader and founder, Winston Peters, from the then governing National Party. New Zealand First generally lies in the centre of the political spectrum. It has formed governments with both major parties in New Zealand: first with the National Party in 1996, and then with the Labour Party in 2005. The Party held seats in the New Zealand House of Representatives from its formation in 1993 until 2008, when it failed to gain enough party votes to retain representation. However, a resurgence in support in the 2011 election saw New Zealand First gain 6.59% of the total party vote, entitling it to eight MPs in the House. The Party currently sits in Opposition. At the core of New Zealand First's policies are its "Fifteen Fundamental Principles"; the first of which being "To put New Zealand and New Zealanders First". New Zealand First is best known for its policies regarding the welfare of the elderly and its strong anti-immigration policies, which has caused media controversy in the past. The Party also espouses a mixture of economic policies. It opposes the privatisation of state

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