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About New Zealand Democrat Party

The New Zealand Democrat Party was a political party in New Zealand, founded in 1934 with the purpose of opposing "socialist" legislation by the government. The Democrat Party was founded and developed by Albert Davy, a prominent political organiser of the time. Davy had worked first for the Reform Party, then for the United Party, and finally for Reform again. He was highly effective in both campaign management and fundraising, but often came into conflict with those he worked for. Politically, Davy was an advocate of reducing the size of government, and of minimising government intervention in the business world — the slogan "More Business in Government, Less Government in Business", once used by the Reform Party, was thought up by Davy. When the United Party and the Reform Party formed a coalition, Davy initially supported it, but later resigned in protest at the legislation the coalition enacted to counter the Great Depression. Davy denounced the coalition as "socialistic by inclination, action and fact". In 1934, Davy was approached by William Goodfellow, a wealthy Auckland businessman and industrialist. Goodfellow strongly opposed the economic policies of the United-Reform

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