Nebahat Çehre

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About Nebahat Çehre

Nebahat Çehre (Turkish pronunciation: [neba'hat tʃeh'ɾe]) (born March 15, 1944), is a Turkish actress. Nebahat Çehre was born as Hilal Nebahat Çehre on 15 March, 1944, in Samsun, a city off the Black Sea in northern Turkey. Çehre is of Georgian origin from her father's side, Izzet Çehre, who was a lawyer, and her mother, Müzeyyen, was a housewife. After her father died of a fatal heart attack, Çehre, along with her family, moved from Samsun to Turkey's largest city, Istanbul, when Çehre was five years old. After relocating to Istanbul, Çehre's widowed mother Müzeyyen married a second time to a judge, and after having divorced in 1956, married a third time to a newspaperman named Cahit Poyraz within the 1960's. While recalling her childhood in much later interviews, Çehre had described herself as having been an extremely shy and easily embarrassed and startled little girl. Çehre also stated that she had been affected by the early death and absence of her father when she was still extremely young, and that she found it difficult to accept her mother's remarriages. Çehre would grow up to graduate from Fatih Kız Ortaokulu and Fatih Akşam Kız Sanat Okulu. Çehre grew as the eldest child

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