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The Northern Counties Committee (NCC) Class U2 4-4-0 passenger steam locomotives consisted of 18 locomotives built for service in north-east Ireland. Ten of the engines were new builds supplied by the North British Locomotive Company (NBL) or constructed at the NCC's York Road works. The remainder were rebuilds of existing locomotives. Class U2 was numerically the largest class of locomotives on the NCC, only being equalled when the last of the Class WT 2-6-4 tank engines was delivered in 1950. The first of the class was built in 1924 and construction continued over the following thirteen years until the last engine was outshopped in 1937. The Class U2 engines can be divided into four sub classes as follows: The renewals were an accounting device to avoid the capital charges associated with building new engines; it is unlikely that much of the original engines was incorporated into the resulting U2s. The engines were simples, i.e. not compound, with two 19-×-24 in (483-×-610 mm) inside cylinders. Their boilers were rated at 170 pounds per square inch (1.17 MPa) and were fitted with Schmidt superheaters. All eighteen engines, though differing slightly in appearance had, until 1945,

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