Navasota Independent School District

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  • Schools: John C Webb Elementary School
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Navasota Independent School District is a public school district based in Navasota, Texas (USA) that enrolls approximately 3,000 students. The district encompasses 362.35 square miles (938.5 km) in southern Grimes and Brazos counties and includes the City of Navasota along with the rural communities of Millican, Courtney, White Hall, Stoneham, Plantersville and Todd Mission. Navasota ISD ranks as the 181st largest land encompassing district of the 1,033 Texas independent school districts. In 2011, the school district was rated "academically unacceptable" by the Texas Education Agency. The first Navasota School Board meeting of record was held in May, 1899. The first Navasota school building, the Atcheson School, was located on Washington Avenue across from the present day medical center; the only remaining remnants of this building are the entrance steps. In 1928, a school building was constructed at LaSalle Street and Spur 515, for the purpose of educating African-American students within the Navasota area. This campus is at the current location of the Carver Learning Center, and was transferred to the Carver Alumni Association in 2007. In May 1930, a new High School was

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