Nadia Nyce

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About Nadia Nyce

Nadia Nyce (born 1973) is an English pornographic actress. She is one of the few erotic performers of Indian ethnic origin (albeit with a Manchester accent) to achieve success in the American adult industry. Nyce was particularly well-known for allowing male stars to ejaculate onto her face, and for her enthusiasm for apparently swallowing semen. In fact, she was often billed as "The Princess of Cream", though her 'facial' scenes today seem relatively tame. Throughout her career, she took part in only one anal sex scene, with Ed Powers. Her first video was shot on October 31, 1995 with Rodney Moore. She went on to work exclusively with Moore for the next six months. Although many fans find it hard to believe that she was in the industry for such a short period, Moore revealed in a February 27, 2006 interview on the Howard Brown show (LA based talk show on porn) that he filmed her 50 times in six months. He mentioned he had to keep up such a concentrated schedule to keep her exclusive to him otherwise she would have gone on to other producers/companies. On his website Rodney Moore claimed that Nyce was becoming exclusively interested in women. She only performed with two males her

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