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About Multisell

MTME was established 17 March 2004 in DAFZA - Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority and its upcoming technology project Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai, United Arab Emirates as a research lab for new media technologies in the Arabic speaking world. The company is working with regional Universities and Agencies to develop projects fusing together concepts from different scientific disciplines. Interactive techniques such as gesture recognition using video stereoscopy and infrared or laser emitters for floor, ceiling and vertical screens are currently being used. Key elements in media projects also includes design, 3D content development, 3D projection, VPS - Volumetric Projection Systems and conventional rear projection technology. The technologies used are established independently. Bringing it together in new innovate media projects and present it as commercially viable solutions for the Arabic markets are key tasks. Examples of such concepts are clients like Hydra Properties conceptualized via XM and BrandPlay interactive media network.

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