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Mr. Bennet is a fictional character in the novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. He is the father of Elizabeth Bennet, the heroine of the story. Mr. Bennet possesses an estate in Hertfordshire. He is married with five daughters, a circumstance relevant to his legacy. The terms of Mr. Bennet's inheritance require a male heir. Because he has no son, upon his death his property is to be inherited by his closest male relative, Mr. Collins, a clergyman with whom he has had a poor relationship. Mr. Bennet, a gentle and caring man, is very close to his two elder daughters, Jane and Elizabeth, and favors "Lizzy" above the rest. However, he has a poor opinion of the intelligence and sensibility of his wife and his three younger daughters, frequently declaring them "silly" and visiting them with insulting remarks as well as gentle teasing. "Mr. Bennet's expectations were fully answered. His cousin was as absurd as he had hoped, and he listened to him with the keenest enjoyment." (page 71-72 in the illustrated novel)This quotation shows Mr. Bennet¬タルs character. Mr. Bennet is a very amiable man but he has a bitingly sarcastic humour. He is possessed of a quick wit and he uses it as

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