Military Strategic and Tactical Relay satellite

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Milstar, originally meaning Military Strategic and Tactical Relay, is a constellation of communications satellites in geostationary orbit, which are operated by the United States Air Force, and provide secure and jam resistant worldwide communications to meet the requirements of the Armed Forces of the United States. Six spacecraft were launched between 1994 and 2003, of which five are operational, and the sixth was lost in a launch failure. The first Milstar satellite was launched on 7 February 1994 aboard the first Titan IV(401)A rocket. It was followed by a second spacecraft on 7 November 1995. The first two satellites were Block I spacecraft, also known as Milstar Development Flight Satellites, or Milstar-DFS. The four later satellites were Block II spacecraft, which featured an additional medium data-rate payload. The first Block II satellite was launched on 30 April 1999, using a Titan IV(401)B rocket. Due to a programming error affecting the Centaur upper stage of its carrier rocket, it was placed into a lower orbit than had been planned, and it could not be raised into its operational orbit. It was the third consecutive, and last, failure of a Titan IV rocket. The remaining

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