Military applications

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About Military applications

  • Field: Nanoelectronics/nanomaterials/bionanotechnology
  • Availability: Distant future

We’re not supporters of war, but when our soldiers are out fighting one, we want them to be as safe as possible. Nanotechnology can help with this as well! Remember watching one of your favourite sci-fi shows, and hoping that you would one day be able to use the cloaking technology used by one of the protagonists? Well, your dream may finally come through. It might not be available for the Average Joe, but for military purposes it can serve as a protective measure to ensure that a soldier is not detected, and can complete his or her task without engaging in combat. A soldier could also be equipped with the aforementioned enhanced nanomaterials, so that their equipment becomes much lighter and more durable. Also embedding nanosensors in the soldiers uniform and body can give a squad better control over the individual soldiers health, and make it easier to treat wounded soldiers.

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