Mehmet Günsür

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About Mehmet Günsür

Mehmet Günsür (Turkish pronunciation: [mehˈmet ɟynˈsyɾ]) (born 8 May 1975, Istanbul, Turkey) is a Turkish actor. Günsür worked first as a barman and then as a model before becoming an actor. He graduated from Italian High School. Since his debut, he has acted in Turkish, Italian, and some American films. His best known roles are in the films O Şimdi Asker, Anlat İstanbul, and Hamam. His awards include Most Promising Actor at the 1998 Ankara International Film Festival for Hamam and the only Special Jury Award given in 2003 by the Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival for his performance in O Şimdi Asker. Mehmet Günsür is married to Italian documentary director Katerina Mongio. The couple has two children named Ali and Maya.

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