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Elisabeth Dorathea List, generally known as Liesbeth List (born December 12, 1941) is a Dutch singer, stage actress and television personality. She became popular during the 1960s and frequently collaborated with Ramses Shaffy. She also sang Jacques Brel's chansons in Dutch translation. She was born in Bandoeng, Dutch East Indies (present-day Indonesia), as Elisabeth "Elly" Dorothea Driessen. Her parents were separated in 1942, when during the Japanese occupation of the Dutch East Indies, her father was forced to work in coal mines. List and her mother were sent to one of the many camps set up exclusively to contain Dutch occupants of Indonesia; such camps were known under the Dutch nickname "jappenkamp" (Jap-Camp). The circumstances in which List and her mother lived in the camp were very hard on her mother, who developed depression. Four years later, the Netherlands freed the East Indies of the Japanese occupation and List and her mother were set free. They were reunited with their father and husband, but a few weeks later, List's mother committed suicide. List and her father returned to the Netherlands, where her father remarried. His new wife, however, frequently clashed with

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