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It has become quite popular to make horror-movies with the visual effect of being made with a hand-held camera. This generates an impression of reality and sincerity for the viewers. We feel that the movie is not made by hollywood, but rather by some individuals in a horrible situation.


The effect of using a handheld camera, is that the monster/creature/ghost is often blurry or hard to see. This keeps the creature as an «unknown» and encourages our imagination to fill in the blanks.  However, the use of camera can feel «forced» in some instances. Why does the characters feel the need to film EVERYTHING? They bring the camera when they go shopping, go to their friends place, go to have a dump and even when they run for their lives. Is it not awfully cumbersome to run with a camera in your hands? I think, I would try to throw the camera at the frightening creature.

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