Lavrenti Lopes

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About Lavrenti Lopes

Lavrenti Lopes (born 29 March 1986) is an Indian actor and model in Hollywood. He grew up in Mumbai (Bombay), India where he did a bit of theatre and was also part of an improv group. He has done a couple of print ads in India including one for Flair Pens. Lavrenti Lopes was born on 29 March 1986 to Goan parents Joaquim Anthony Lopes and Gemma Veronica Lopes (née Braganza) in Mumbai, India. His surname is Portuguese. He is the youngest of 2 brothers. His older brother Xenos currently lives in Australia. Lavrenti studied at Fatima High School in Vidhyavihar, Mumbai. Lavrenti wanted to become an actor since he was 8. He moved to New York in 2007 to train at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. Lavrenti Lopes currently lives in Los Angeles. Lavrenti shifted base to New York to train at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. While in New York he did ads for Microsoft, Axe Deodorants and was seen in a couple of plays. His claims to fame though would be the TV commercials he did for Tata True Roots Calling Card. The commercial was extremely popular and turned out to be an Internet sensation. He has since been approached by quite a few Bollywood directors to be a part of

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