Lake Shore Towers

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About Lake Shore Towers

Lake Shore Towers is a cluster of three towers which are under construction in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The towers are part of a larger development and the company Al Nakheel is involved in their construction. The Lake Shore Towers' cluster (the 'Y' cluster) is located on the man-made lake, Allure. This cluster is the second last cluster on the eastern side of the Jumeirah Lake Towers project. Lake Shore Tower 1 sits on a podium and is elevated higher than the other two towers in its cluster. It is the primary tower and it juts into Allure lake slightly more than the other two towers. Initial construction work was slated to begin in 2005 however there were delays. Actual construction on this tower began in March 2006. It is due for completion by September 2008. When completed, it will have 44 floors that will be used for residential purposes. The Jumeirah Business Center building has been assigned to plot Y1 of the Lake Shore Towers cluster. Proposed completion date has been announced as October 2008. The first tower in Dubai to be named after a country, the Swiss Tower, has been assigned plot Y3 of the Lake Shore Towers cluster. The proposed completion date is June 2008 with

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