Kathy Willets

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About Kathy Willets

Kathy Willets (born Katherine Ann Morris on April 7, 1966 in New York City) is an American porn star and prostitute. She gained considerable fame (or notoriety) during her arrest and subsequent trial in the early-1990s. Police began investigating after an elderly client decided that he wanted Kathy all to himself, and like the fool that he was, he thought that going to the police would allow him to have her all to himself, not thinking that once he did go to the police, she would be investigated, and if charges were deemed appropriate, she would be charged with a crime. In July 1991, the Willets were both arrested. Kathy was charged with prostitution, while Jeff was charged with living off the proceeds of prostitution; both were also charged with illegal wiretapping. As details of the case emerged, a media frenzy centered around south Florida. Not only was Jeff Willets a deputy sheriff for Broward County, but the evidence seized included videotapes, notebooks, and other information that indicated that several of Kathy's "clients" had been prominent, wealthy members of the area's social and political scene. Her story was carried on every major news program, and it caused a stir

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