Juli Ashton

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About Juli Ashton

Juli Ashton (born October 5, 1968 in Colorado Springs, Colorado) is an American pornographic actress and television host. After Ashton graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Spanish and History, she taught Spanish at a junior high school for a year. In 1994, she moved to Florida, and began appearing in adult films, starting with New Wave Hookers 4. In addition to her film work, she has lobbied on behalf of the porn industry at the California state legislature, appeared as a model in many magazines and toured as an exotic dancer. Since the 1990s, Ashton has been a frequent presence on the Playboy TV, co-hosting the long-running Night Calls live call-in series. She also appeared in two softcore motion picture spin-offs of the series, Night Calls: The Movie and Night Calls: The Movie 2 that air frequently on late night pay-cable. Juli is now the owner and operator of the adult website Juliland.com, a high-end site featuring the erotic imagery of photographer/director Richard Avery. In 1997, Ashton played Saffi in the movie Orgazmo, a comedy-action film by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of the animated series South Park.

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