Judy Star

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About Judy Star

Judy Star, born April 8, 1982, is a Canadian pornographic actress. Star started her career in the adult film industry in 2000, with North Pole #19, and as of 2007 has appeared in over 100 titles. Although she rose to fame as a natural blonde, she later began appearing with her hair pitch black. In bonus interview footage for the adult video Bait (2003), she revealed that she is lesbian and not attracted to men, despite performing professionally in numerous heterosexual scenes. In April 2004, Star was quarantined as a result of an HIV scare in the adult movie business. During 2004 she appeared in several movies where Darren James and Lara Roxx, known to be infected, were also in the cast, and was known to have performed a sex scene with a female actress who had performed an anal scene with James. Star was therefore the only female among the "second generation" performers to have performed indirectly with James. Star, however, tested negative for HIV. Online appearances Squirting Illustrated 5 ( 2002 )

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