Jim Anderton's Progressive Party

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About Jim Anderton's Progressive Party

Jim Anderton's Progressive Party (formed in 2002 as the Progressive Party and renamed after its founder in 2005), was a New Zealand political party generally somewhat to the left of its ally, the Labour Party. The party was established when Anderton and his supporters left the Alliance party. The party held at least one seat in Parliament from 2002 to 2011 following its leader, Jim Anderton's victories in the electorate in Wigram. The party did not contest the 2011 general election and is not represented in Parliament. It was deregistered at its own request in March 2012. The Progressive Party has a particular focus on the creation of jobs, and has said that it is committed to achieving full employment. The party also lists free education and free healthcare as policy objectives. Economically, the party is moderately left-wing, and places particular attention on economic development. Recently, the party has been promoting its proposal for four weeks of annual leave from work, an "anti-drugs" policy and cutting the corporate tax rate to 30%. It also advocates an abolition of the Goods and Services Tax in favour of a broad based financial transactions tax, and monetary policy reform.

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