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Janet Pilgrim (born Charlaine Edith Karalus June 13, 1934 in Wheaton, Illinois) is an American model and office worker for Playboy. She was chosen as Playboy's Playmate of the Month three times: July 1955, December 1955 and October 1956. In 1955 Playboy was in its second year of production and had previously used professional models as Playmates. Karalus worked for Hugh Hefner in the subscription department and agreed to pose for the July 1955 episode in exchange for a new addressograph for the office. Hefner reportedly chose the name "Janet Pilgrim" as to make fun of sexual puritanism. Karalus appeared topless with a tuxedo clad man reported to be Hefner in the background with his back to the camera. The caption read in part: "We found Miss July in our own circulation department, processing subscriptions, renewals, and back copy orders. Her name is Janet Pilgrim and she's as efficient as she is good looking." Readers responded well to her appearance as Miss July and sent in letters asking for more Janet Pilgrim. Despite getting offers to model for outside agencies, Janet chose to appear twice more as a Playmate and was listed on Playboy's masthead as head of reader's services

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