Jacqueline Govaert

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About Jacqueline Govaert

Jacqueline Govaert (born April 20, 1982) is a Dutch singer, songwriter, and pianist. She is best known as the lead singer of Dutch band Krezip. After Krezip disbanded in 2009, Govaert started working on her solo career. She released her debut album Good Life in August 2010. Govaert wrote her first songs on her piano at age 12. She graduated from the Dutch Rockacademy in Tilburg. Prior to that, she had started the band Krezip in high school. In 1997, Krezip started playing on various events, such as Lowlands. The band released their first EP in 1999; it was an independent release. In 2000, the band was finally signed by Warner Music and released their first LP, gaining considerable success that continued until the band disbanded in 2009. Govaert was the band's main songwriter. She was the band's pianist as well, until guitarist Annelies Kuijsters was forced to take over this position, having lost her ability to play guitar after a severe injury. Govaert enjoyed giving up her position as pianist, noting "...now I can concentrate on my performance." She has served as a featured artist on tracks of the music project Ayreon, Dutch band Relax (on the album Odeur de Clochard), Armin van

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