Iris Bay

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About Iris Bay

The Iris Bay is a 32-floor tower in the Business Bay in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The tower has a total structural height of 170 m (558 ft). Construction of the Iris Bay was expected to be completed in 2008 but progress stopped in 2011 and building is on hold. The reorganisation of the parent company in May 2012 has raised some hopes that work might restart. The tower is designed in the shape of an ovoid and comprises two identical double curved pixelated shells which are rotated and cantilevered over the podium. The rear elevation is a continuous vertical curve punctuated by balconies while the front elevation is made up of seven zones of rotated glass. The podium comprises 4 storeys with a double height ground level and houses retail and commercial space totalling 36,000 m2. The tower is also claimed to be environment-friendly.

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