Independent Political Labour League

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About Independent Political Labour League

The Independent Political Labour League (IPLL) was a small New Zealand political party. It was the second organised political party to win a seat in the Parliament of New Zealand, and was a forerunner of the modern Labour Party. The IPLL was the product of a gradual move towards an independent working-class political vehicle. Previously, most workers supported the powerful Liberal Party, which had dominated Parliament since its creation. Eventually, however, the pace of reform began to slow, and calls arose for an independent workers' party. In 1904, the annual conference of Trades and Labour Councils called for the formation of a new organisation — this party would be focused solely on workers, unlike the Liberal Party, but would be committed to change through reform, unlike the revolution-minded Socialist Party. A constitution was drawn up in late 1904, and the first conference was held in early 1905, with John Rigg elected as the first president. At the conference, it was claimed that the new organisation had over a thousand members. Initially, the IPLL did not perform well. In the 1905 elections, the party stood eight candidates, but none were elected — all but one failed to

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