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About IE7pro

  • Works on web browser: Internet Explorer

IE7Pro is an add-on for Internet Explorer 6, 7, and 8 that aims to enhance the feature set provided by the browser. IE7Pro adds features such as tab enhancement, an ad blocker and flash blocker, mouse gestures, inline search, privacy enhancements, online bookmark service, Greasemonkey-like user script support, and plug-in support. IE7Pro is available in several languages – this is made possible by user translations. The support of the product was discontinued after the release of minor version 2.4.7, before Internet Explorer 8 was fully supported. The support of the product was continued again and a new version, IE7Pro 2.5.1, was released on June 2, 2010. However, the product forum on the developer's web site is no longer supported while being used mostly by spam users. As of the latest version, 2.5.1, there are still some minor incompatibility issues with IE8 and IE9 (the IE7Pro icon does not display in the status bar and the flash blocker does not work). IE7Pro modifies Internet Explorer's default tab management features to add several options like double clicking to close the tab, undo closing tabs, enable Super Drag n Drop where dragging a link and dropping it anywhere else on

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