Human Rights Party

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About Human Rights Party

The Human Rights Party is a small political party in New Zealand. It focuses on what it sees as social justice, believing that insufficient emphasis is placed on people's economic, social and cultural rights. The party believes that liberals are in error by pursuing only civil and political freedoms, saying that without a just society, the disadvantaged cannot exercise these freedoms. In the 2002 elections, the Human Rights Party stood one candidate, Anthony van den Heuvel. He won 66 votes. In the 2005 elections, van den Heuvel stood again, and was joined by Anthony Ravlich. The two gained a total of 66 votes between them. In the 2008 election, the party stood three candidates, gaining 222 votes. One of its candidates, Anthony Ravlich, was subsequently convicted and fined $200 for refusing to file the required return of electoral expenses The party contested the 2009 Mt Albert by-election, gaining 13 votes. The party is standing a single candidate in the 2011 election: Anthony van den Heuvel in Auckland Central.

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