George Herriman

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About George Herriman

George Joseph Herriman (22 August 1880 – 25 April 1944) was an American cartoonist, best known for the comic strip Krazy Kat (1913–1944). Though not popular, Krazy Kat has been widely influential, and was read by many famous people in the arts. Gilbert Seldes' article "The Krazy Kat Who Walks by Himself" was the earliest example of a critic from the high arts giving serous attention to a comic strip. The Comics Journal placed it first on its list of the greatest comics of the 20th century. Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, to mulatto Creole parents, Herriman grew up in Los Angeles. After graduating from high school in 1897, he got his first job in newspapers, doing illustrations and engraving. He soon moved on to cartooning and comic strips—a medium then in its infancy. He did a variety of strips until he introduced his most famous character, Krazy Kat, in his strip The Dingbat Family in 1910. Krazy spawned its own daily strip in 1913, and from 1916 appeared on Sundays as well. The strip was noted for its poetic, dialect-heavy dialog, its fantastic, shifting backgrounds, and its bold, experimental page layouts. In its main them, Krazy would be pelted with bricks by Ignatz Mouse,

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