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George Dalton Libby (4 December 1919 – 20 July 1950) was a soldier in the United States Army during the Korean War. He posthumously received the Medal of Honor for his actions on July 20, 1950. Part of the U.S. 24th Infantry Division, sergeant Libby was attempting to withdraw from Taejon after the battle of Taejon when the truck he was riding in was disabled by North Korean fire. Libby exposed himself to North Korean fire multiple times to help wounded soldiers, before using himself as a human shield to protect the driver of another truck as they broke through the North Korean forces. Shot multiple times, Libby died from blood loss but was able to protect a truck full of wounded men until they escaped to allied lines. For this action, Libby was awarded the Medal of Honor. George Dalton Libby was born on 4 December 1919. In Bridgton, Maine. He enlisted in the United States Army in Waterbury, Connecticut. Libby was known to have fought in World War II in the European Theatre of Operations. By the time of the outbreak of the Korean War, however, Libby was a sergeant and had been assigned to C Company of the 3rd Engineer Battalion, 24th Infantry Division. On 20 July 1950, the 24th

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