Garfield Heights City School District

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The Garfield Heights City School District is the public schools system of Garfield Heights, Ohio consisting of five schools and a student enrollment of 3,823 in the 2004-05 school year. In 1996, The Garfield Heights City Schools system was named a B.E.S.T. district. The Garfield Heights Board of Education consists of five elected members that serve four-year terms, headed by a President and Vice-President. As of 2006, Garfield Heights' Board of Education consisted of: President June A. Geraci, Vice-President Frank J. Geraci, Jr., Robert A. Dobies, Sr., Joseph M. Juby, and Christine A. Kitson. The Board also has several sub-council positions, such as Vice-Superintendent (who also serves as "Director for Pupil Services"), Director of the Center for Technology, Director for the Center of Business Services, Director of the Center for Social Services, and the Finance treasurer. Garfield Heights' superintendent, as of 2011, is Michael Beck. The previous superintendent, Jeanne Sternad, served until 2009. Named after World War II Medal of Honor recipient William A. Foster, Garfield's first Elementary School serves children Kindergarten through 3rd grade, and is currently under Principal

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