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Gülşen Bayraktar (pronounced [ɟylˈʃen bajɾakˈtaɾ], often known simply as Gülşen) is a Turkish pop singer. She registered increasing fame following the release of four albums and an image based on her sex-appeal. Her present image comes after the more conservative looks she had adopted during her earlier albums. Gülşen was born on 29 May 1976 in Istanbul. She did her studies in her Istanbul quarter of Şehremini and in the Turkish Classical Music Department of Istanbul Technical University. Her first album, Be Adam (O man!) which was released in 1995, gave Gülşen a good debut in Turkey's music world, and her second album, Erkeksen (If you are a man), came three years afterwards in 1998. Following another interval of three years, the album Şimdi (Now), released in 2001 was released. This did not attain the popularity she had hoped. The relative failure of this album could be attributed to the image she presented on her 2004 album Of…Of…. The music video for the main title Sarışınım (My blonde), in which she was barely covered with blurred spots on a few parts of her slim body, was judged as obscene by the state watchdog for TV broadcasts, RTÜK (High Board for Radio and TV), and a

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