Frank Robbins

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About Frank Robbins

Franklin "Frank" Robbins (September 9, 1917 – November 28, 1994) was a notable American comic book and comic strip artist and writer, as well as a prominent painter whose work appeared in museums including the Whitney Museum of American Art, where one of his paintings was featured in the 1955 Whitney Annual Exhibition of American Painting. Born in Boston, Robbins was in his teens when he received a Rockefeller grant and scholarships to the Boston Museum and the National Academy of Design in New York. His early career included work as an assistant to Edward Trumbull on his NBC building murals, and creating promotional materials for RKO Pictures. As a writer/editor, Robbins was instrumental in returning Batman to the character's gothic roots, such as his story "One Bullet Too Many". Working with editor Julius Schwartz and artists Neal Adams and Irv Novick, he would revitalize the character with a series of noteworthy stories reestablishing Batman's dark, brooding nature. In addition to Batman, Robbins' comic book work appeared in Captain America, Daredevil, Detective Comics, Flash, Ghost Rider, House of Mystery, House of Secrets, Human Fly, Invaders, Weird War Tales, and Power Man,

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