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For the 19th-century baseball player, see Frank McIntyre (baseball) Frank McIntyre (January 5, 1865 - February 16, 1944) was an American military officer who served for many years as Chief of the Bureau of Insular Affairs, responsible for federal administration of the Philippines and Puerto Rico. General McIntyre was born the son of Irish immigrants Dennis and Mary Gaughan McIntyre in Montgomery, Alabama. Dennis McIntyre came to America in the 1850s and was a railroad car inspector for the West Point and Alabama Railroad. He is listed on the roster of the Montgomery County Home Guard, CSA in 1864. His wife Mary was from County Mayo. The surname McIntyre is a Scottish Highland name also spelt MacIntyre and means son of the carpenter or wright which is explicit in the Gaelic original Mac an-T Saoir, McIntyres were originally to be found in Lorne where they possessed the lands of Glenoe from the 13th century until the early 19th century. According to family tradition the MacIntyres/McIntyres came originally from the Hebrides. In the 13th century, they sailed from their ancestral home carrying a white cow, and settled on the mainland at Glen Noe by Ben Cruachan. On the mainland the

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