Even smaller electronics

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  • Field: Nanoelectronics
  • Availability: Near future/distant future

Granted, the size of the transistors in the state-of-the-art processors are already nanosized. Intel’s Ivy Bridge microarchitecture (more aptly named nanoarchitecture perhaps?) has memory units spaced only 22 nm from each other. However, there is still room for even more reduction in size. One atom is roughly a couple of Ångstrøm (1Å = 0.1 nm). Scientists have actually already created a one-atom transistor, consisting of only one phosphorus atom. Researchers at our own university, The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, have successfully grown semiconductive nanowires on a sheet of graphene, instead of a regular semiconducting substrate material that usually are around 500 µm (micrometers - 1 µm = 1000 nm). Compare that to the single sheet of graphene that is only about 0.1 nm thick.

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