Eric W. Benken

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  • Participated in conflicts: Vietnam War

Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force Eric W. Benken (born August 20, 1951) was the twelfth Chief Master Sergeant appointed to the highest noncommissioned officer (NCO) position in the United States Air Force. Chief Benken was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, and entered the Air Force in March 1970. His background was in information management. He served in operational, maintenance and support units at every level of command from squadron through Major Command (MAJCOM). Chief Benken served in Taiwan, Korea, and South Vietnam, and in a joint service (NATO) assignment at Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE). He served as Senior Enlisted Advisor to 12th Air Force and United States Air Forces in Europe (USAFE). While at USAFE, the command was involved in operations such as Provide Promise, Provide Comfort, Deliberate Force, and Joint Endeavor in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Of interesting note, when Chief Benken entered the Air Force the Chief of Staff was General John D. Ryan. While serving as the CMSAF, he was the advisor to his son, General Michael E. Ryan. As CMSAF, Chief Benken's many initiatives included the development of the Command Chief Master Sergeant title (previously

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