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An EMD SD9 is a 6-axle diesel locomotive built by General Motors Electro-Motive Division between January 1954 and June 1959. Power was provided by an EMD 567C 16-cylinder engine which generated 1,750 horsepower (1.30 MW). This model is, externally, similar to its predecessor, the SD7. The principal spotting feature are the classification lights on the ends of the locomotive, above the number board. The SD9's classification lights are on a small pod, canted outward. The last phase of construction had a modified carbody similar to the SD18 and SD24, and used two 48-inch cooling fans instead of four 36-inch cooling fans. Four hundred and seventy-one examples of this locomotive model were built for American railroads, and 44 for export. Some SD9 locomotives can be found in museums and on tourist lines, and at least two are in service on a working railroad. Dakota Southern Railway uses SD9 506 and SD9E 4427 in revenue freight service. Colorado & Southern 839, later Burlington Northern 6234, was donated by successor Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp. to the Minnesota Transportation Museum. It now operates on the museum's Osceola and St Croix Valley Railway. 6234 is an example of the last

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