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ENG is a broadcasting (usually television) industry acronym which stands for electronic news gathering. It can mean anything from a lone broadcast journalist reporter taking a single professional video camera out to shoot a story, to an entire television crew taking a production truck or satellite truck on location to do a live television news report for a remote broadcast newscast. The term ENG was created as television news departments moved from film based news gathering to electronic field production (EFP) generated images on video tape. All film requires a trip through a chemical bath (processing) before it can be viewed and edited. This generally added at least an hour from the time the film arrived back at the television station until it was ready to be seen by the viewing public (as in the cliché "Film at 11!"). Film was also difficult to handle, subject to easy scratching and other damage. Film editing was done by hand on what was known as "color reversal" film, meaning there was no negative film. Edits could not be changed without cutting segments out of the film itself. It was not that rare for the splices used for film edits to break on the air when the film was being

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