Electronic art music

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About Electronic art music

  • Artists: Enore Zaffiri
  • Albums: Klangfelder
  • Parent genres: 20th century classical music

Electronic art music refers to those forms of electronic music that fall within the general category of art music. The term encompasses a range of experimental music forms, both historical and contemporary, created by means of electronic instrument and differentiated from electronic forms of popular music, such as technopop, electronica or electronic dance music. Although electronic art music has not penetrated the popular music marketplace directly, it has influenced the course of popular music, from the early days of space rock and progressive rock, through the later developments of electronica, electronic dance music, ambient music, space music, and cinema soundtracks. Some of the most prominent musicians and most highly acclaimed institutions have been involved in the progress of electronic art music, including celebrities such as Stokowski, Boulez, and Stockhausen, and institutions such as Columbia University, Princeton University, the University of Wisconsin, and Stanford University in the US, as well as broadcasting institutions in Canada, Europe, and Japan. At the earliest performances of true electronic music in the United States, "public and professionals alike were

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