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Edward "Ted" Spellman is Sabrina's father, Hilda, Zelda, Vesta and Sophia's brother, Sabrina's mother Diana's ex-husband. He is apart of the Spellman family hence sharing Hilda and Zelda's cousins and other relatives. Ted lives in the Other Realm and is able to communicate with Sabrina via a picture in her magic book. He appears three times in the first 4 seasons; Pilot, Meeting Dad's Girlfriend and No Place Like Home. He appears in the final episode Soulmates for his daughter's wedding. Season 1 When he appears in Pilot he tells Sabrina that she is a witch but she needs some persuading. In Meeting Dad's Girlfriend, he tells Sabrina, Hilda and Zelda about his new girlfriend Gail Kippling. Sabrina doesnt seem to like her because she always wanted her mum and dad back together. She makes Gail feel uncomfortable, but eventually accepts the fact her father has moved on. When Sabrina asks if they are planning on getting married, Gail says yes but Ted says no. This causes a break up between the two. Only when Sabrina convinces Gail to go back to him, they get back together. Season 4 Edward has a very small role in the first episode No Place Like Home. He convinces Sabrina to move in with him in his new Paris home. She moves in with him after finding out Valerie is moving permanantly, her and Harvey have a fight and that Mr. Kraft is now the principal of Westbridge High. She feels nobody cares about her but after relising shes running away from her troubles, she goes back home. Season 7 Edward returns in the very last episode Soul Mates for Sabrina's wedding. Trivia Edward's last line in 'Soul Mates' is in fact the very last line of the series. He points out that Sabrina and Harvey ride away together at 12:36 on the dot.

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