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About Dubai International Financial Exchange

NASDAQ Dubai (formerly called the Dubai International Financial Exchange, or DIFX), is a stock exchange opened on September, 2005, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Through the exchange, regional issuers can access regional and international investment. International issuers can access investment from the region, through a primary or dual Admission to Trading. In July 2010, NASDAQ Dubai outsourced its trading and other key operational functions for equities to Dubai Financial Market (DFM). The NASDAQ Dubai region includes the United Arab Emirates and the rest of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), the wider Middle East and North Africa, Turkey and the Indian sub-continent. The majority shareholder of NASDAQ Dubai is DFM , which acquired two thirds of the shares in May 2010 from Borse Dubai and NASDAQ OMX Group. Borse Dubai still owns one third of the shares. NASDAQ OMX is a shareholder of DFM. NASDAQ Dubai is located in the Dubai International Financial Centre, a financial free zone. The exchange is regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA). Products listed on NASDAQ Dubai include ordinary shares listed by DP World along with DEPA. DP World is the largest IPO in the

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